Posted by: koungaroo | August 3, 2011

Limitless (2011)

The story starts out as ‘Wall Street’ on literal steroids, a pumped-up cautionary tale that sees Lindy returning to the newly motivated Eddie and the very powerful Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro) keeping tabs on him. Eddie claims that he doesn’t have delusions of grandeur, but rather “an actual recipe” for it, and Carl wants to capitalize on that rather than compete with it. Of course, the supply starts to run short, thusly endangering Eddie’s reputation, relationship and his very life.

Cooper plays a struggling writer who is given a new experimental drug to improve his writing. He soon realizes that the drug has worked better than intended, and he makes it rich in the stock market. He attracts the wrong kind of attention with people who want their hands on the drug, Cooper must avoid being caught by the bad guys and the police. Fast paced, and allowing Cooper to show off his acting skills, this is a very good movie that both men and women would enjoy. Men will appreciate the action, while the women will appreciate Bradley Cooper.

Limitless plays into a universal desire that we all have to become the perfect version of ourselves, and it offers this dream in a small, easily ingested pill. While the film doesn’t offer a conclusion that equals the promise of the opening act, the energetic direction of Neil Burger and the fun lead performance of Bradley Cooper help make the film a fun little trip.

★★- enjoyable, but not worth seeing, This movie has an amazing premise, when I heard about this movie and saw the trailer, I thought to myself, yes this is going to be a great movie. BUT, it was executed poorly, Bradley Cooper played a very enjoyable role, but the movie didn’t compare to the trailer.

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